Day Nine: Get Inspired by the Neighbors

Today I am supposed to write a post using information from one of the comments I’ve made in the past. I reviewed the comments I made and decided there wasn’t one worth writing a post about. I’ve concluded that my comments aren’t worth reading.

Apollo ~ Dance with the Muses

I have been musing about writing this post for a couple of weeks and have not been able to come up with anything clever or entertaining to write about. What I’ve discovered by reading posts from other writers is that they are much more interesting than I am. I’ve also discovered that most of the posts I’ve clicked on are written by women and the posts I find most interesting are posts of a religious nature written by women. What does it all mean?

I’ve discovered some not so wholesome posts written by women written in language that should be reserved for X rated websites. Not that I mind reading about a person’s sexual adventures but I think foul and descriptive language should be left out. I don’t know if WordPress has way to allow me to block X rated websites from showing up in my reader, but I wish they did.

Enough for today; except I’ve discovered that if you say something critical in a post it helps to generate comments.

~adieu . . .

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