My New Theme

Day Two: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

I spent most of the morning creating a new theme for my website. I was using a theme from the WordPress theme pages but it didn’t function as well as I liked. The theme I created is similar to the WordPress theme but one I can take control of. Today’s assignment is to update my site title and tagline. The site title and tagline are part of my theme and are created with my theme. I chose not to include a tagline at this time, I may add one later.

I have been using the tags suggested in the first assignment but I don’t see my site showing up on A little disappointing.

After waiting a day or so I found out my posts weren’t showing up on the reader pages. There isn’t much use taking the blogging 101 course if no one sees my posts. I created this site to accommodate the use of the reader pages. I hope it helps so that I can get comments from other blogger 101 users.

One thought on “My New Theme

  1. Scott,
    I’m taking this whole course as a learning experience. And I AM learning. I just don’t yet know exactly what it all means. Nor do I care. For the moment it’s enough that we are brave enough to try. So let’s do this!


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